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LiuGuojin Study(1)
[Source: | Author:WuFen hua | date:2015.4.2 | Browse163 ]

1.Keep moving after going through all the Vicissitudes of Life, be even stronger after so much Frustration----the Three Stages of the Formation of Liu Guojun's Ethos(Wei Ping)
2.Start from Lowliness and be Successful for Being Flexible and Open to Change, Build a Strong Foundation and be honored for his Merits and Virtues(Qi Jiquan)
3.Canal Enterprises Culture---Liu Guojun's Canal Complex and Dacheng's Culture(Xue Huanbing)

4.Exploring the Changes of Liu Guojun's Life Path from Confucianism Culture(Huangfu Dahuan)
5.The Changes of Relationship between National Capitalists and Chinese Communist Party before and after the Liberation(Mao Ping)

6.Liu Guojun's Market Consciousness(Dai Weiyin, Liu Xia)
7.A Study on the Miracle of Dacheng based on ISO9000 Quality Control(Guan Zhonghua)
8.An Analysis of Liu Guojun's Management Philosophy(Shi Xinyu)
9.Interpretation of Liu Guojun's Thoughts on Vocational Education(Bi Jianzhong)
10.A Study on Liu Guojun's National Hero Complex(Wang Liangwei)
11.A brief Record of the Interaction between Qian Family and Liu Family in Changzhou(Qian Kezhi)
12.Everlasting Spirit----a brief introduction of Liu Guojun Memorial(Xu Fangzhong)
13.Legend of Guojun----in Pursuit of Liu Guojun's Life Track(Wang Liangwei)
14.Everlasting Homeland Affection, unchanged Local Accent(Sui Ronghui)
15.A Centenarian of Dacheng(Ge Wei)



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