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The result of excellent papers for Study on Liu Guojun of 2014
[Source: | Author:Wu Fenhua | date:2015.3.31 | Browse144 ]

    According to the spirit of circular of choosing the excellent papers, Liu Guojun Cultural Center invited some experts to select excellent papers from all the papers published in the first and second issues of Study on Liu Guojun in 2014.In compliance with the experts’ views, 7 excellent papers were selected as follows:
1.Canal Culture---Liu Guojun’s Canal Complex and Dacheng’s Culture(Xue Huanbing)
2.Keep moving after going through all the vicissitudes of life, be even stronger after so much frustration----the Three Stages of the Formation of Liu Guojun’s Ethos(Wei Ping)
3.Start from Lowliness and be Successful for Being Flexible and Open to Change, Build a Strong Foundation and be Honored for his Merits and Virtues(Qi Jiquan)
4.The Formation of Liu Guojun’s Early Education and the Influence on him(Zhao Xiande)
5.Chinese and Western Fusion, the Management Innovation: A Study on Liu Guojun’s Management in Human Resources(Ge Jixia)
6.Interpretation of Liu Guojun’s Thoughts on Vocational Education(Bi Jianzhong)
7.Some Enlightenment Gained from Liu Guojun’s Grasping the Opportunities(Huangfu Dahuan)