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Liu guojun's Chronology (1)
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On Apr. 2, 1887, Liu Guojun was born in the town of Shengcitang of Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province.


At the beginning of 1899, Liu Guojun went to a private school and was taught by his father in the evening. Eight months later, he dropped out of school.


In 1900, Liu Guojun went to Miao Jiadai Daoist Temple to learn to be a Taoist, later he changed to learn doing business. On the recommendation of Liu Xiufang, he was introduced to become an apprentice in Yao Gongsheng Soy Sauce Shop in Jingjiang City.


On the spring of 1901, in order to make a living, Liu Guojun went to south of the Yangtze River with his fellow villager. In Autumn, he went to Benniu Town and worked as an apprentice in Liu Jishen Jing-guang Foreign Goods Store.


In 1902, Liu Jishen Jing-guang Foreign Goods Store was closed. Liu Guojun was recommended to be an apprentice in Yuan Tai Beijing Goods Store.


In 1908, Liu Guojun got married with 17-year-old Chu Sue.


In 1909, Liu Guojun and his fellow villager, Hua Weichuan, provided 600 silver dollars each as capital to open He Feng Jing-guang Foreign Goods Store in Benniu Town.


In 1910, Liu Guojun ran He Feng Jing-guang Foreign Goods Store by exclusive investment.


In 1912, Liu Guojun bought over another Jing-guang Foreign Goods Store which was broke in Benniu , naming it as “Tong Feng Jing-guang Foreign Goods Store”. On Apr. 22, his eldest son, Liu Hankun was born.


In 1914, Liu Guojun changed his name from Jinsheng to Guojun. He left Benniu, gave up his business and turned to industry.


In 1915, Liu Guojun , together with Jiang Panfa and some other shareholders, set up Dalun Machine Weaving Cloth Mill.


In 1916, Liu Guojun went to Shanghai to steal the sizing technique from the British Ewo Mill.


In 1917, Liu Guojun worked out a trademark “Butterfly & Globe” for the white twill turned out by Dalun Machine Weaving Mill.


In 1918, Liu Guojun diverted his shares out of Dalun Machine Weaving Mill and set up Guangyi Cloth Mill by exclusive investment.


On June 3, 1919, Liu Guojun’s daughter , Liu Biru was born.


In 1920, Liu Guojun’s second son, Liu Handong was born.


In 1922, Liu Guojun founded Guangyi No.2 Mill by exclusive investment in Changzhou.


In 1924, Liu Guojun made an investigation trip to Japan. After he returned, he and Jiang Panfa began to use bobbin yarn directly, setting a precedent for China’s textile industry.


In 1927, Guangyi Cloth Mill merged with Guangyi No.2 Mill and was renamed Guangyi Dyeing & Weaving Cloth Mill. On May 17, his youngest son, Liu Hanliang was born.


On Feb. 15, 1930, Liu Guojun got a capital of 500,000 yuan and took over Dalun Jiuji Cotton Mill and renamed it Dacheng Textile & Dye Company. Liu Guojun himself was the manager of this company.